Alpine Dairy Goats & Cheesemaking Classes of St. Louis

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Merryl "the goat lady"

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St. Louis, MO


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RAW GOAT MILK from specially selected goats who give tasty sweet milk......... CHEESEMAKING CLASSES.........CHEESEMAKING SUPPLIES........ Absolutely NO DROP-IN VISITORS! Phone or email to request a day
time to pick up milk......Cheesemaking Classes are fun and interesting. Learn to make Feta, Chevre, Blue, Stirred Curd Cheddar, Yogurt, Ricotta.........Cheesemaking Supplies for sale: Liquid Rennet, Calcium Chloride which helps milk from supermarket to coagulate (it won't form curds without this), Cheesemaking Direction Packet, Home Cheesemaking Book Ricki Carroll, and handmade wooden Dutch Lever Cheese Press.

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On Farm

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Email or Phone to request time to pick up milk, supplies, or register for Cheesemaking Class.
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