Bluewater Orchard

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1088 Bridger-Fromberg Backroad
59029 Fromberg, MT



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Naturally grown apples
Bluewater is a historic orchard being renovated. Over 100 trees.
nbsp; Season is from July to October. Stop by if gate is open or call for an appointment.

1088 Fromberg-Bridger Backroad. Apx. 3 mile SE of Fromberg which is 40 miles SW of Billings, MT.

Apple varieties include: McIntosh, Jonathon, Duchess, Crimson Beauty, Yellow Transparent, Red Delicious, Wolf River, others.
Apples are sold on-site, by delivery and at local farmers markets and grocery stores. They are featured in many of the finest restaurants in the state.

Apple products and wood for smoking may be available.

Other local orchardists interested in scion exchange etc. please contact us.

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